The FAB LIFE MENTEE MEMBERSHIP was created if you are an individual that would love for Dr. Fab and his influencer friends to mentor you. This is where you get to have one on one with Dr. Fab to work on your 30 day priorities. You will benefit by having Dr. Fab’s over 30 years of experience to help accelerate your growth personally and professionally. This is a very personal and intimate working relationship.


The FAB LIFE ACADEMY MENTEE MEMBERSHIP is an online resource where you can access over 30 years of content by Dr. Fab Mancini and some of the biggest influencers in the world. This is a place to help you get inspired, educated, motivated and able to TRANSFORM. You will benefit from videos, audios, PDF’s and so much more

It includes access to the programs that Dr. Fab and his influencer friends have created which cost much more. These programs are all online and you can do from anywhere and at your own time. You get to participate in a private ZOOM call with Dr. Fab every month where you can ask him any questions regarding the content or your journey into YOUR FAB LIFE.

You will also have the following benefits:

A) 3 ZOOM meeting a month with Dr. Fab and other mentees to benefit from everyones experiences and input. One of those meetings also will feature an influencer where you can ask questions directly.

B) 3 LIVE EVENTS where we come together for 2 full days and will have my influencers teach us and train us to live our potential. These meetings are priceless!

C) One one one call with Dr. Fab every month to fo over your 30 days plan and hold you accountable.

D) Access to Dr. Fab exclusive programs to help you write your book, become a media expert and a paid public speaker and much more.

E) Access to Dr. Fab by text for anything that may come up during the 30 days.



$1,500.00 / month

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