The INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP was created if you are a CEO’s or Influencer that want to get the most out of Dr. Fab and his influencers. If you are ready to fast track your growth and potential, then this is for you. You will have more one on one time with Dr. Fab and he will become like your co-CEO. Dr. Fab will be available to you at all times to ensure that the plan you will create is executed the best way possible. You will have access to any resource Dr. Fab has and will benefit greatly from special invitations and relationships that will be life- changing.


The INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP was created for entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, CEO’s and others that want to have more money, time and impact. In this membership you will have access to more one on one time with Dr. Fab to allow him to help you with you decisions and strategic plan. Think of it as having Dr. Fab as a silent partner just being there as you need to help you accelerate your growth and your potential.

You will also have the opportunity to leverage Dr. Fab’s influence of e mail, social media and regular media to drive traffic to your products or services. You will benefit from Dr. Fab’s relationship capital to help you lead your industry and connect with others that can serve to create faster success in your business and life. You will also have Dr. Fab help you do a business evaluation as to where are your strengths and opportunities to improve.

  • Access Dr Fab and his over 35 years experience and relationships
  • 3 Live Events/year (Includes access to Inner Circle Meeting day before)
  • Monthly Mentee Calls
  • Accountability Software
  • Unlimited Online Growth Resources
  • Mentee Network
  • 5 Social media posts/mo (500K plus)
  • 1 Email to all database/mo (40,000 plus including 30,000 doctors)
  • VIP Event invite
  • 1 Text to all open e mails/mo
  • 1 VD to all open e mails/mo
  • Intros to TV/Radio/Print Producers (24K plus)
  • Intro to Influencers
  • Intro to Association leadership
  • Intro to Universities leadership
  • 2 minute endorsement video
  • Interview for Dr. Fab TV Show/Podcast




$7,500.00 / month

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