The Fab Life Mentorship Program

Are you Ready To Unlock Your Full Potential?

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"You can't read the label when you're inside the bottle."

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"In order to make it today, it's very important that you position yourself to win. In order to do that is to have a mentor that has experience and influenced people's lives & I want to talk to you about Dr. Fab. He's done that for me. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, if you're hungry to bring out your greatness, Dr. Fab is the man."




I will coach and prepare you for change. The economy of the new workforce does not operate solely on hard work but rather on smart work. You need to get smarter about people, relationships, processes, opportunities, and strategies. I will help you get smarter with my counsel.


I will push you to go farther. I will refuse to let you settle on your oars and invariably challenge you to go farther than you can possibly imagine. I will pat you on the back for your successes, guide you in extracting lessons from your failures and by so doing push you far.


I will fine tune and transform your vision. I will provide ideas, thoughts and insights that challenge and enable you to see beyond your sphere of influence. I will amplify your vision by elevating your thinking capabilities. I will elevate you by making my shoulders your platform. I will prop you up and this demonstration of trust must not be abused as my extensions is a critical validation that will eventually open doors and grant you access to opportunities beyond your circle.


I will protect you from missteps. I will nurture you from premature exposure. I will provide insights on how to navigate political landmines in organizations and how to make sound business decisions in your startup or engagements. My counsel will prevent missteps that could otherwise derail your success. I will guide you from ending up in pits.


I will share life lessons. I will use my life stories and perspectives to paint pictures of what is possible. I use words and actions to support you. Invariably, building you up for more than you ever thought possible. Lastly, I never give up on you. I never quit believing, encouraging and engaging you. Great mentors assume your vision until it is a reality.

Live your Fab Life!

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini



Professional Development

Become more Successful

Studies have shown that over 50% of people are not doing what they went to school for. They also show that most people do not love their job. Are you happy with what you are doing? Did you decide on a career because your parents wanted you too? Did you study something because you felt that you will make more money? The only way you can fulfill your success potential is to do what you love and finding someone to pay you to do it. I will teach you what the most influential people do to ensure that they have extraordinary results in their business. Being successful does not have a gender, age, religion or demographic requirement. Learn the mindset that will allow you to become the person you were destined to be. Millionares have a distinct way of thinking and behaving. Let me show you how you can go from where you are to where you want to be. I have been mentoring millionaires for years and I can tell you, if you see yourself being more successful is because you are designed for that. Let us help you build credibility in your industry by writing a book or becoming the speaker at an event or even the media personality that teaches millions. This is your opportunity that you have been hoping for and now you have a system that can help you get there. Become the leader that the world needs and start applying yourself like you never have. Pareto taught us that 20% of what we do is what yields results. We can help you find your 20%. This is your time!

Become an Author

  • Eliminate writer’s block by learning what the pros do to break through to their creativity.
  • Discover “your lesson” that you want to convey to the world.
  • Learn the techniques to nab a high-quality literary agent who will get you on the best path for your writing career.
  • Figure out how to negotiate a larger advance by understanding your value and how to communicate it effectively without seeming greedy.
  • Learn how to outline your marketing strategy by starting with your goals and adjusting your technique from there.
  • Find out how you can best work with distributors to support the sales of your book well after it’s been published.
  • Keep the ball rolling on your next book by asking yourself the right questions now, even before your first book hits the market.

Get Paid to Speak

  • Learn the process for determining your “Key Talk” and your most compelling strengths.
  • Discover how to weave the topics you’re most passionate about and your expertise into a compelling speech.
  • Master the right technologies that can boost your presentation and deliver your message in a truly memorable way.
  • Figure out how to leverage your relationships to consistently get high-paying booked gigs all over the world.
  • Determine what to charge for your speech, and how you can accurately negotiate your contract by yourself without help from a financial advisor.
  • Create an awesome video promo that expands your reach well beyond what you anticipated.
  • Learn how to develop a campaign to get people to follow your career for the long run and how to maintain and preserve professional relationships.

Become the Media Expert

  • Find out how you can position yourself as “The Expert” in your field while remaining true to yourself.
  • Learn how to craft “The Pitch” when it comes to you and your value as an expert.
  • Transform yourself into becoming “media ready” with exclusive techniques professionals have been using for years, revealed for the first time.
  • Discover how to engage your audience through confidence and charisma.
  • Figure out how to track down the right publicist who can help open doors and keep your career on track.
  • Find out which questions to ask to make sure you’re one step ahead at all times when it comes to all media appearances.
  • Learn how to establish strong connections with producers, providing them what they need and ensuring they return the favor by helping you secure more on-camera appearances.
  • How to grow your database through media by creating beautiful, dynamic landing pages that will stand out in the crowded space of the internet and maintain your customer loyalty.

Personal Development

Increase your Wealth

Increased value ~ Increased income ~ Business mindset

Money is the byproduct of service. The value that you bring to others is what determines your net worth. Do you know what that is for you? Are you creating value with everyone and everything you do? I will help you understand your strengths and also make sure that you are living your purpose. No one teaches us how to understand money and even worst, how to manage it. How would you like to double your income? Developing a healthy relationship with money will give you the freedom you need to do what you want, when you want to and with whom you want to. Your circumstances do not define you, is how we respond. You can respond to a financial crisis in a way that creates wealth, or in a way that creates poverty. Learn to compound your money and your efforts so you can build the wealth you were destine for. Every profession has business models that have shown to be successful. On this program you will learn the basic elements in creating a business model that allows you to have the lifestyle you want. It does not matter what you do. Every career has models that have made people rich. Why not you?

Maximize your Health

I believe that your health is the greatest value. It is that one thing that can limit your ability to be your best. Do you prioritize your health? Physical health is the one that we know and hear the most about. We know that we need to eat better. The reason food is important, is because it has nutrients. Minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and so on. These are all essentials for the body to function properly. Your relationship with food must be a healthy one. It will allow you to have more energy, look younger and reduce the unwanted weight. Exercise is the new medicine and what allows our body to be fit and tone. It also improves your immune function and digestion. Science is teaching us now that how we work out is what allows us to get the maximum effect. Let me show you simple workouts that will get you looking fabulous. After 30 years of being a doctor and leader of the natural, non traditional healing arts, let me help you figure out what is best for you. 90% of the people have a health challenge, but you don’t have to live in pain. Pain is the alarm system of the body and when you find the cause of the problem, it just goes away. This program is designed to help you achieve your health potential. You deserve it!

Improve your Relationships

Your relationships are your greatest asset. I used to think it was money in the bank, but as I have matured, I have come to realize that is the people in my life that are my greatest resource. Are you developing authentic relationships? Jim Rohn taught us that we become the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. Are you selective with who you spend time with? Let us teach you how to have an amazing relationship with yourself first. Then we can show you how everything you want will come from your network of people. Are you communicating your desires in a simple, relevant and brief way? Having effective communication skills is essential in building meaningful connections. Are you clear with who you are and why you do what you do? Are you befriending the most successful people in your industry? In life everything is an exchange. There are people that have what you want and they want what you have. Building successful relationships is simple but it does require the right behaviors. Do you like people? Do you know how to be yourself with others? Take a inventory of what relationships are good and which ones you must let go. Become a relationship builder like a pro and notice how you will have more influence than ever before. Let me help you love yourself so much that everyone will want to love you too.