Dr. Fab Visits with The Doctors


Dr. Fab is invited to share with The Doctors audience why Chiropractic is so effective in helping patients heal. He discusses why Pain is not an enemy, but merely the alarm system of the body telling us that it needs help. Also, he shares why the pain may not be what you think it is. He also helps a patient to regain the quality of her life. … [Read more...]

Can “Trust” Help Me Heal?


“The more you believe you are going to benefit from something, and you trust in it, the more likely it is that you will experience a benefit.” - Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Years of research and practical application have proven why this "trust factor" may activate the body's self-healing capacities or interact in some way with drugs or other interventions. Some scientists say a person's trust in a therapy causes the body to produce endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. These ease pain and reduce discomfort. In other words, believing in the healing can literally make it happen. If you believe that a treatment will work, whether it's an adjustment, an organic food or a pill, … [Read more...]

Why Optimists Live Longer


Click Here To See The Video... Are You Half-Full Or Half-Empty? TRY THIS SIMPLE EXPERIMENT with me: Get a small drinking glass and fill it with water. Next, drink or pour out about half the water. Sit down and look at the glass. Think for a moment about the old saying: the pessimist sees the glass as half empty, and the optimist sees it as half full. Then think about yourself, imagining that you are like that glass, and the water represents your level of health. Are you half full of health? Or half empty? I’m a half-full person - an optimist, if the term is properly defined. True optimism is not synonymous with Pollyannaism. Nor is it blind foolishness, like the partygoer … [Read more...]

Choose To Change


In order to move forward, we must acknowledge the things that are holding us back. For many of us, it’s our lifestyle—the choices, behaviors, actions, and beliefs that define who we are and how we live. Changing something as fundamental and deep-seated as how we’ve lived our lives for years can be scary. However, I’ve learned that you can choose to see that change is good. When you open yourself up to new experiences, no matter how scary they may seem, you’ll be surprised at all the good that can come from them. The key is to see change as an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Here’s an example: When I was twelve years old, my parents announced we … [Read more...]

As Good As New


I love to tell the story about the medical student who was taking a course on diseases. One morning after class, he said to his professor, “With all these diseases, I don’t understand how anyone can survive.” The teacher replied, “When you study how the body works, you’ll wonder how anyone can get sick.” Our bodies were designed with the ability to make repairs and to even defend against illness or injury. We are, in truth, self-healing creatures. You’ve seen the proof many times yourself. If you nick yourself while shaving or scrape your knee, you can see the healing start almost immediately. Inside your body, specialized blood cells, called platelets, seal up the wound … [Read more...]

Help Your Body Heal


Fortunately, many people are asking: Is there a better way to stay healthy? Is there a better way to get healthy? Isn’t there something better out there? The answers are yes, yes, and yes. As you read ahead, you’ll come to realize that your health comes from within; it does not come from the outside. Once this concept sinks in, you’ll want to make self-healing an operating principle in your life. There are so many simple lifestyle options to help your body self-heal. Here are a few examples: Exercise is self-healing. Imagine sitting indoors on a nice day watching television. But you also feel tired, maybe even depressed. So you get up, turn off the TV, and go for a walk. It … [Read more...]

On the Dr. Phil Show

On the Dr. Phil Show

I had the privilege of being on the Dr. Phil Show. Dr. Phil and I go way back - I was his chiropractor for many years. On the show we talked about how chiropractic care can help the body heal itself, even in situations where many other avenues have been tried or much time has passed since the original illness, injury or trauma. … [Read more...]